Four patients die every day from hunger in hospitals in the UK

New statistics show that four patients die every day in hospitals in the UK from malnutrition and thirst. Dehydration or malnutrition directly or in conjunction with all conditions were the cause of 25 deaths every week in the past year.According to the office of national statistics, 155 patients died from dehydration and 48 from malnutrition in 2010.Even 812 patients with dehydration and 301 with malnutrition were killed, but hunger and thirst were not the direct cause of their death .Although some patients experienced hunger and thirst due to diseases that were slowing down the meal, such as Alzheimer's disease, Catherine Murphy, Executive Director of the patients Association, said these figures are appalling indictment of the policy of the Ministry of health, because in our time, no one should die from hunger.She believes that all these deaths can be prevented by giving vulnerable people the necessary care. Compared with 2000, the number of patients dying of hunger grew.The press-Secretary of the Department of health said: "Many patients who suffer and die from malnutrition and dehydration, hospitalized with diagnoses like cancer, which makes them more susceptible to these problems, they are entitled to expect that the hospital will take care about them properly."It is planned to allocate more time in the schedule nurses to care for every patient, so they can ensure that the patient is comfortable, to help him to eat and drink, and to be treated with dignity and respect he deserved.These reforms may cost the health system 2020 billion pounds by 2015.

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