Found when one looks the worst

All the biological processes of man depend on his biorhythms. Depending on the time of day, season changes the hormonal balance, the status and activity of the internal systems, mood and appearance. Scientists investigated the influence of biorhythms and found, when one looks the worst.

It turned out that the worst thing most people look at 16-17 hours. This contributes to the reduction of glucose in the blood, which affects the energy reserves of the body. In addition to this time, the accumulated fatigue and stress, because of what the person looks worse. These factors cause wrinkles look deeper, grow bags under the eyes, which adversely affects the appearance.

Anthony Sarva, the study's author, says: the human face varies during the day, but better and younger just as it looks in the morning, despite the beliefs of the majority of citizens. Next, the skin is actively saturated fat drops, starts the hydration process.

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It should be noted that after 15 hours markedly reduced regenerative function of the skin. The cells produce less progesterone and estrogen, which impairs the appearance of the face. In this regard, scientists recommend a visit to the beautician in the morning.

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