Found the remedy for the treatment of ulcers of the foot in diabetes mellitus

The tool Grafix has successfully passed clinical trials. It is safe to say that it helps with diabetic ulcers that occur on the feet. This localization of the pathology is typical and is called "diabetic foot". The extreme case of this disease - excision of ulcer or amputation of the foot. Therefore, the development of modern means against diabetes and its consequences are an extremely important challenge facing the scientific community. Grafix - one of the first tools, which successfully helps with such a widespread disease.

That is why after the announcement means the company's financial condition improved dramatically, stocks rose in price. Today, the company's value is estimated at $ 800 million.

The tool has been in existence since 2010, when I first got to the U.S. market. It consists of stem cells, which, falling in the affected areas, causing the process of recovery without scarring. The tool also has anti-inflammatory effect that the beneficial effect on the disease.

Studies say that more than half of patients receiving Grafix in quick time was able to cure ulcers on the feet, which speaks to the effectiveness of the drug. Representatives of the company recommend the use of Grafix for all patients with diabetic foot ulcer.

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