Found the reason why some people eat a lot and not gain weight

Every person among your friends has a friend who can swallow a huge amount of food and not gain weight for a single gram. Finally, scientists have found the cause of this phenomenon.

Experts from Britain learned of the lucky ones, consuming high-calorie foods in large quantities. It turned out the whole thing in a particular gene, present in their body.

Professor Tim Spector (kings College London) conducted a study and found gene Atkins. Its activity provokes the secretion of saliva that breaks down carbohydrates with accelerated speed.

Most people DNA contains 2-3 copies of the gene Atkins. The lucky individual copies of a gene can be up to 20 pieces. They happily drink every day sweets, fried and baked goods. With such a diet people with a large number of genes not gain weight.

It is likely that a more detailed study of the gene will allow in the future to solve the problem of obesity from childhood.

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