Found the perfect time to receive prophylactic doses of aspirin

Aspirin is a multidisciplinary medication with anti-inflammatory action. It is known that microdose this drug is able to prevent thrombus formation and to reduce the density of blood, writes The Daily Mail. This is particularly useful for older people with risk of myocardial infarction and blood clots. Scientists have found the perfect time to receive aspirin, when the tool has its maximum activity.

The research team from Leiden University conducted a study involving 290 volunteers, who for three months had prescribed small doses of aspirin. First, the subjects drank the drug in the morning, the second part of the study changed the time well-equipped drug at evening-night. The doctors examined changes in pressure and clotting blood at regular intervals of time. The dose was 100 mg per day.

This amount of aspirin, according to scientists, had no effect on blood pressure. And receiving means proved to be the most effective in the evening and night period. In this therapeutic mode decreased the risk of blood clots in the early morning. This time period is especially dangerous for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system.

It is worth noting that take aspirin causes doctors and scientists disagree. It is believed that aspirin, with the original acidity adversely affects the stomach gastritis and ulcers. However, research in this area talk about reducing the risk of cancer of the stomach and intestines in people who regularly take aspirin. This figure was reduced on average by one third.

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