Found the perfect meal - the scientists

Many people think of the holidays as an excuse to relax and sit at the table. In such circumstances, it is especially important question: how to keep in shape, and what a way to lose weight the most effective? American scientists of our the perfect time for a meal. It is enough to observe, to speed up the process of losing weight.

Basic rule: eat within 12 hours out of a possible 24. If the first meal took place at 8 am, it must be scheduled for 8 PM. During the remaining 12 hours the body needs rest from food.

The theory of the scientists was confirmed in experiments with laboratory mice. One group of animals had eaten all day, the other consumed foods only 12 hours a day. The number of calories consumed in the two groups were identical. In the second group of mice lost weight and the other is not.

Scientists advise to eat rationally and fractionally. Calculation of calories, the ratio of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements is the basis of weight loss. No harm will be daily physical exercise and the correct mode of the day.

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