Found the perfect combination of height and weight of women

Previously it was a study that proved that a small excess weight is for the benefit of its owner. That is, the weight within the normal range, even prolongs human life.

This time experts have calculated the ideal height and weight of women. Of course, each person has his own idea about the ideal. The perfect combination of height and weight is 170 cm 77 kg These options can reach almost every woman, without any special for this effort. To do this, fully fed and not to limit yourself to food consumption.

For many years, the standard of female beauty has not suffered any changes. Most men prefer narrow-hipped women with legs from the ears, and large Breasts. Last year was even composed image of an ideal woman.

Men prefer a woman with lips from Scarlett Johansson, jaw away from the beauty Halle berry, leather from Amy Adams and body from Penelope Cruz.

By the way, many countries began to struggle with too thin women. Thus, in Israel, a law was passed that prohibits the models to be too thin. The reason for this law was the fact that representatives of the fashion industry Israeli girls imitate the most, and in the country there are more cases of anorexia.

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