Found the mechanism of formation of dependence on cocaine

Recently conducted an experiment on mice showed that introduced them in the blood of cocaine immediately after the first dose caused an increase in the number of dendritic processes, which are responsible for the formation of connections between nerve cells.

Scientists have concluded that increasing connections in the nervous tissue, especially in the areas of the brain associated with learning, memory, decision making, leads to the consolidation of addiction to drugs.

A well-known fact that drug dependent have pathological slow frontal lobe of the brain, if we are talking about the everyday needs, and a significant acceleration of this section, when it comes to drug use. Thus, the brain strengthens the Association related to drugs, says Linda Wilbrecht, University of California at Berkeley, the author of the article in Nature Neuroscience.

Academic and her colleagues carried out the experiment on mice. The control group received an injection of saline, the group introduced cocaine. It was further studied the structure of the brain tissue of animals with an electron microscope. The findings were such that the second group of mice, the number of dendritic linkages responsible for momentum transfer and the formation of dependency, increased after the first dose.

The formation of dendritic endings began in two hours after administration of the drug, and a day later their number was increased four times compared with the control group.

The next step was the provision of laboratory mice with the choice between living in two cells: a net and a cage in which there was cocaine in small amounts. Mice previously treated with the drug, immediately chose the second option. Therefore, we can speak about the formation of dependence.

The increase in the number of dendrites contributes to the fixation of daily experience. Scientists believe that cocaine has a destructive destructive action that imposes a certain pattern of behavior to deviate from which in the future is extremely difficult.

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