Found the link between induction of labor and autism

Autism is a disease associated with brain pathology. People suffering from autism, do not interact with people, ill go to the contact, have a tendency to systematization of all that surrounds them. They have limited interests, tend to repeat the same actions over a long period of time.

Scientists cannot establish a precise etiology of the disease, but are willing to argue that this defect is associated with a mutation of genes. According to statistics, this disease sick every 88 child, and the boys get sick 4 times more often than girls.

The journal JAMA published the results of studies in which it was found that stimulation of labor activity, especially drugs , increases the risk of the emergence and development of autism. This data is put on the study of school diaries development of children in the United States, where children with autism learn together with healthy children. Autistic children tend to be poor memory, poor speech development, refusing to communicate with their peers. Similar signs were mostly confined to boys.

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Scientists are not able to relate the facts, such as induction of labour and the development of autism: it needs to conduct more research. But now they are confident that we are moving in the right direction that will help solve the problem in the future.

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