Found the genes responsible for the development of epilepsy

Made a breakthrough in the field of genetics. Scientists conducted DNA analysis in focus group and made some conclusions. Found the genes responsible for the development of epilepsy in children, according to The Medical News Today.

Epilepsy - a serious disease that is associated with pathology of the nervous system. It manifests itself in periodic seizures, when a person loses consciousness. In most cases this is expressed in spasms and temporary memory loss. The disease is not uncommon: more than 2 million people in the U.S. suffer from this disease.

Scholars argue that the found genes is a major breakthrough in the detection and treatment of not only epilepsy, and other nervous system disorders. 25 mutations responsible for the manifestation of epilepsy are only starting to explore such a global issue.

In particular, this study has opened the eyes of the scientific community on the syndrome of Langsa-Gastaut syndrome and infantile spasms. In the study, researchers discovered two new genes that are involved in pathology.

Fortunately, revealed an interesting fact: these mutations are not inherited, and the most severe forms of epilepsy may not be transferred from parent to child. However, before conception it is always recommended to consult with a physician-geneticist, who can predict the risk of mutations and the unborn child.

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