Found the General nature of tumors

Powerful analysis conducted by scientists. They evaluated more than seven thousand types of cancer cells in patients. The study yielded results that helped to identify the General nature of the thirty most frequent types of cancer. Scientists claim - made a huge step in the development of new anticancer drugs: made possible the creation of generic tools, which include anti-cancer agents.

In the study, researchers analyzed not so much the mutations occurring in the cells, but the mechanism of their occurrence, symptoms, and effects on DNA.

In addition, scientists have created a list, containing twenty most common mutations. Mostly they were the cause of pathology in the genome of the cell, which was in turn a cause of cancer.

Cancer is cancer, which marked pathological rapid growth of tumor cells that fail to differentiate. Can affect any tissue and organs, causing death. The main feature of cancer is the ability to give metastases, that is distributed with the lymph flow and to get in other than the place of origin of the bodies. Cancer is not receiving sufficient power to disintegrate from the inside, creating dead areas. Mortality in cancer reaches large numbers, therefore, research aimed at finding out the causes of cancer so great.

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