Found the gene responsible for the formation of freckles

Gene Pierce Brosnan is responsible for the formation of freckles, brown hair and blue eyes. Data phenotypic characteristics seem to be incompatible. This has prompted scientists to study the genetic nature of this appearance.

Research group of the National research Institute of human genome conducted a study of genes 2200 inhabitants of Iceland. Such a global study suggest the presence of a gene, which is responsible for the collection of multiple external manifestations. IRF4 gene goes into the system, which is responsible for the immunity of the person. He promotes a protein that increases the body's resistance against viruses and pathogenic bacteria.

In addition, scientists believe, this gene capable of regulating the amount of melanin. Different activity of the manifestations of IRF4 may be expressed outwardly in the presence of freckles, eye color and other characteristics. However, scientists have not been able to determine the mechanisms of regulation of gene activity.

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