Found the gene responsible for the dependence of the child on the aggressive video game

Scientists have found a gene responsible for the craving for aggressive computer games. The same stretch of DNA determines the hyperactivity and attention deficit in childhood, writes The Daily Mail. Research has shown that children with this genetic defect is often played in "shooting" and watched movies with episodes of violence.

For their experiment, the scientists used the materials they received while working with 1.6 thousands of parents and children aged 5 to 9 years. Parents were invited to celebrate in a special diary, how often x the child is faced with episodes of virtual violence. Next, each child underwent the procedure of DNA analysis to detect genetic abnormalities.

It turned out that one of the genetic variants is the predisposing factor to the game series GTA and Call of Duty.

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Scientists believe that changes in the gene pervert the work of the pleasure center in the brain, resulting in episodes of violence cause a release of serotonin (the happy hormone). Similar changes occur with the syndrome of attention deficit and hyperactivity.

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