Found the element of the brain, causing depression

Medical News Today published a scientific report of experts from the SCRIPPS Research Institute, where doctors have identified possible causes of the development of clinical depression as a result of stress some people and nonsusceptibility the dynamics of the other. The root of the problem turned out to be an orphan receptor GPR158, which doctors have not yet been able to discover able to contact him ligand.

The reason for starting these studies was the finding of a high soderjanie GPR158 protein in people suffering from depressive States. Scientists studied two groups of mice exposed to chronic stress: GPR158 and without it. The result revealed increase in the amount of protein in the frontal cortex on the background of clinical stress.

The high content of GPR158 contributed to the emergence and development of depressive States in animals. At the same time the researchers noted the resistance to stress and depressive States in rodents without GPR158. scientists believe that similar processes occur in the human body. It is likely that GPR158 will serve as the basis for the development of new drugs against depression.

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