Found the cause of the mass death of dolphins in the U.S.

American portal Wall Street Journal published data dedicated to the mass death of dolphins species butylboronic on the East coast of the USA. As reasons are morbillivirus.

The national oceanic research USA previously made a statement that for the last two months on the coast was discovered 333 dead Dolphin. Most of them came to the shoreline of the Eastern part of the United States in the area of North Carolina and new York.

Found in the dolphins morbillivirus included in the same group as the measles virus person. The virus could be transmitted to animals of other species, making it safe epidemic in relation to man, not posing any serious threat for him.

Scientists still can't give an exact answer about when the epidemic will begin to subside. It is not excluded by the fact that it will last until spring 2014, and its scope will be comparable to the epidemic in 1987, which killed about a thousand dolphins.

National Geographic explains that, according to scientists, the immunity against morbillivirus was purchased by a group of dolphins at the end of the previous epidemic. The majority of these individuals died or migrated to a different habitat. Now flash has affected young individuals who do not have immunity against the disease.

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