Found the cause of hallucinations in schizophrenia

Scientists at the University of Nottingham found the real cause of psychosis and hallucinations in patients with schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia is called mental illness, associated with the breakdown of thought processes and emotional disturbance reactions. Most often this disease manifest visual and auditory hallucinations, manic delirium, speech disorders. The disease includes a number of syndromes that cause a variety of symptoms.

After spending a number of studies, scientists have found the true cause hallucinatory manifestations of schizophrenia. Case in violation of communication between the two brain regions: the lateral part of the frontal cortex and the Insula of the brain, writes the Welcome Trust.

The principles of operation of this connection is the so-called "switch" that changes the mode of perception of the world from internal to external and Vice versa. When the internal perception of people off from the real world, intently, at the outer - able to adequately perceive the reality. Malfunction of this structure man begins to confuse reality and the objects that are in his head. Thoughts become tangible, causing hallucinations and delusions. The outside world can fade to the background and do not deliver the desired level of satisfaction with them, encouraging deeper brain

immerse yourself in the real world of fantasies.

The discovery was made after brain research 35 healthy men and 38 of schizophrenics. The second group was observed irregularities in the functioning of the connection between the two parts of the brain: the frontal cortex and the internal structure (island). Schizophrenic sometimes simply could not return to the reality of this pathology. The island has an activating effect, whereas the cortex inhibits processes in the island. In patients with schizophrenia this system was broken.

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