Found the best time for a Cup of coffee

Most people believe that coffee is a morning drink, give them energy throughout the day. British scientists have refuted that view, claiming that caffeine needed by the body in the afternoon, after 14:00.

At this time, scientists believe, most begin to feel the first wave of loss of strength, reduced concentration and cognitive abilities when performing certain tasks.

That is why a Cup of coffee after lunch, gives you a second wind for the further activity of the body, enhancing mental and physical reserves. This is due to the inhibition of the release of the neurotransmitter adenosine caffeine, which stimulates the neurons of the brain, improves response and cognitive abilities.

Do not forget about a recent survey of Americans. The fact that drinking more than four servings of coffee a day increases the risk of premature death, as coffee is a complex product, containing in its composition useful as a stimulating components and components having a negative impact. So you should be careful in the use of this aromatic drink.

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