Found new factors affecting fluctuations in blood pressure

Conducted by researchers from Italy research on factors that affect blood pressure fluctuations, will help cardiologists in the future to make adjustments in the method of treatment of their patients. As it turned out, the factors that increase or decrease blood pressure, was added 2, namely, room temperature and length of daylight.

Earlier studies have established that blood pressure is subject to fluctuations depending on the time of year: the summer it is lower than in winter. And a new work of Italians under the guidance of Pietro Amedeo modesti found that the temperature of the room where the people, as well as the duration of daylight hours, also affect the blood pressure in the vessels.

This conclusion scientists have come as the result of observation 1897 patients, whose average age was 63 years, suffering from arterial hypertension. All study participants regularly took drugs against hypertension. The study found that with each additional degree of temperature, blood pressure in patients fell by 0.6 mm Hg. And if the daylight increased by one hour, the blood pressure was increased by 0.63 mm Hg.

Considering the obtained data, physicians will continue to be more attentive to their patients during sudden changes in temperature of the air in rooms where there is a need to include heaters or air conditioners.

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