Found gene of alcoholism

Geneticists have discovered a gene influencing the predisposition of a person to excessive alcohol use.

Experts from the University of linköping (Sweden) analyzed the function of the gene PRDM2. This structure is responsible for complex processes vzaimodeystviya cells between them. Moreover, the researchers found that PRDM2 affect the operation of other genes, and those in turn – on the transfer of information from one neuron to another.

When mutated, the gene PRDM2 violations occur in the area of the brain responsible for the feeling of self-control. The result is a predisposing immense use of alcohol factor. Person understands that drinking a lot is harmful and bad, but anything with myself could not and reaches for the bottle.

To fight alcoholism, the researchers said, can and should be. Alcohol under certain conditions can harm the body. no less than prohibited by the legislation of drugs. It is possible that the work done by scientists will help in creating new treatments for alcohol dependence.

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