Found effective treatment of brain cancer

With the new method patients with glioblastoma will be able to gain a chance at a second life. Glioblastoma is the most malignant brain tumor. Even with comprehensive treatment, including surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy, only a third of patients with glioblastoma live for more than two years. The thing in the rapid growth of the tumor and the impossibility of its complete removal. After surgery, the remaining cells quickly begin to multiply. Radiation and chemotherapy only postpone death.

Scientists from the University of Southampton have proposed a new method of treatment of the disease. They assume if you block the enzymes ADAM10 and ADAM17, glioblastoma cells cease to proliferate. There will be only surgically remove the tumor, and the remaining cells provendiscover chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It is possible that this approach will raise the life expectancy of patients with brain tumor.

There are at the moment and other experimental techniques in Oncology. Japanese scientists, together with colleagues from Russia, working on boron-capture therapy. The saturation of malignant cells with the isotope boron-10 and subsequent irradiation of the tumor allows to achieve the best results of cancer treatment.

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