Found contagion mobile phones

People often resort to the use of mobile phones, following the example of other. This conclusion is contained in the report, scientists from the University of Michigan, studied the behavior of students attending canteens and cafeteria of the campus.

Using your own phone at students took 24% of the time. But the probability that he will end up in their hands, increased by 39.5%, if using your phone resorted interlocutor. The associated students check e-mails and TEXT messaging has happened several times within 15 minutes.

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According to the researchers, based on this pattern, as the consequences associated with social inclusion and exclusion. When one person of a pair of leads on your external phone conversation, that his companion is in the role of the excluded. What feels the need for external communication with other people, not to feel as deprived. According to Raut, at the same time these are the only young people, the elderly are not so much attracted by telephone communication.

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