Found another gene for the development of migraine

American scientists have discovered a gene that makes a person more susceptible to the development of migraine. Head of research, Professor of chemistry from Brigham young University Emily Bates in childhood itself suffered from headaches, which incited him at the beginning of this research work is to study the root causes of migraine.

In research took part two families. The scientist began to search for gene mutations. It turned out they were common to both families, with the exception of one gene, which affects the production of the protein and on the occurrence of headaches.

It should be noted that in 2011, scientists found 3 genes associated with high risk of migraine in people in General. Then, in 2012 year, the researchers found four genes that were responsible for the migraines in people.

Study of the results of all these research papers can answer the question: what influences a specific protein in the body and how it is associated with migraine.

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