Found ancient Roman medicine composition similar to modern

Scientists who explored the sunken 140 year BC off the coast of Italy ship "Relitto del Postino", claim that the ancient Romans used to treat eye tool, similar to the present, writes New Scientist.

Eric Ribechini from Pisa University says that back in the late eighties was discovered the ship, on Board of which were found the oldest medicines. These are found drugs began to explore recently. The study showed that these drugs made in the form of a disc, the thickness of which is 1 cm in diameter 4 cm, most likely, it was necessary to apply to the eyes, moisten them in water.

Chemical analysis showed that they contain carbonates of zinc - smithsonite and hydrozincite. Interesting, but these substances are modern medicines that are used to treat eye and skin diseases. In addition, these discs contain vegetable oils and animal fats, as indicated by the pollen of the flowers of the olive tree.

Scientists have every reason to assume that these compounds zinc based Pliny the Elder mentions in his famous "Natural history". Medicinal disks were found in densely Western box that gave the opportunity to avoid these drugs disastrous effects of oxygen corrosion.

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