Found an innovative way to diagnose Alzheimer's disease

American scientists who are employees of the University of Ohio, have invented a rapid test for Alzheimer's disease, allowing just 15 minutes at home to identify early signs of development of the disease. This will allow us to prescribe treatment, slowing down, thus, the development of the disease.

In the test are selected combination of simple and complex questions that will allow you to test memory, language skills, level of reasoning and spatial abilities. Tested more than a thousand people aged 50 years and older. According to the survey, 28% of respondents marked cognitive impairment and minor loss of mental abilities.

It's worth mentioning that this test is not diagnostic method for Alzheimer's disease as such. With his help, doctors will be able to detect only changes in cognitive performance, analyzing which will be able to make a decision about the need for early decisions. People don't need to put yourself diagnoses. Memory problems, be sure to discuss with your doctor.

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