Found aging iris

According to the journal Nature, a group of American scientists from the University of Notre Dame in South bend, Indiana, conducted research, which established that the aging of the iris of the human eye. The results of this work will be presented at the international conference entitled "Computer vision and pattern recognition", which was organized by the Institute of electrical and electronics engineers (IEEE).Using specially developed for these purposes the software were compared with twenty thousand photos 644 iris. The program was aimed at the identification of images of shells, made at different times with an interval of one month and two to three years.According to Kevin Bower, who led the research team, in the course of the studies it was found that the software, comparing images of iris made a difference in some years, more often than not determined these shells as belonging to one and the same person. Bower have refuted the claim that the iris remains unchanged throughout a person's life.This discovery will lead to doubts about the accuracy of identification of personality conducted by reading the iris of the eye, which, incidentally, ranks second among biometric systems after fingerprinting.

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