Found a way to stop the growth of cancer

Researchers from the medical Department of the University of Texas found that protein fertilin (fortilin) promotes the growth of cancerous tumors, associating protein p53, which is designed to suppress the growth of cancer. Because p53 activates genes that cause apoptosis ( cell death), it is extremely important to suppress tumors. However, inhibitors and mutations can neutralize p53, which makes portion. Function porcelina opposite p53, it protects cells from apoptosis.

When normal cells become cancerous, our body tries to destroy them with the help of p53, it eliminates damaged cells, this explains that in the normal state people have not formed a malicious tumor.

Scientists are currently working to find the connections that will be able to put partyline to interfere with p53.

Although the study is only in its infancy and chemical compounds-blockers polyline only searched, scientists are hopeful to create the drug from tumors in the shortest possible time.

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