Found a universal remedy against infectious diseases

Scientists from the University of Illinois have discovered a new medication, coping with the majority of infections caused by bacteria. The drug is active against Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The actual structure of the drug is largely copies the traditional remedy for the treatment of tuberculosis (SQ109). The drug inhibits the synthesis of molecules MmpL3, necessary for the formation of cell walls in bacteria.

As it turned out, SQ109 affects not only the formation of the cell wall. The drug blocks the synthesis of other proteins that expands the range of its validity. Justified his appointment with fungal, bacterial and parasitic infections. In addition, SQ109 inhibits the synthesis of managenone required for the formation of energy within cells.

To improve SQ109 scientists have developed a ten analogues of this drug. New tools have a similar structure, however, is more effective against pathogens of infectious diseases. In addition, development of scientists from the University of Illinois have less toxicity.

Experts assure that bacteria do not develop resistance to a new generation of medicines for a long time, which is very important in antibacterial therapy.

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