Found a special secret usefulness of tea

Tea is an extremely popular product that competes with coffee and sodas, reports Medical News Today. Properly brewed quality tea possesses useful properties raised about the tea guru from Asia. Scientists say that tea contains large amounts of antioxidants and polyphenols. In addition, it invigorates and tones the body, allows you to find the backup power to continue the work that brings results. Tea can burn fat, increase immunity. The experiment was conducted on human volunteers showed that after 4 months of constant use green tea the average person has lost 1.3 kilograms of excess weight. However, he didn't change my diet and lead a standard lifestyle. Tea allows every 24 to burn 100 calories more than usual.

Scientists note that the correct tea reduces the risk of cancer. Data have been confirmed by scientific research, which was attended by men with a predisposition to prostate cancer. Tea reduced the risk of this disease by 20%. In addition, data were confirmed in relation to cancer of the skin, breast, lung and gastrointestinal tract. Perhaps scientists believe this is due to the ability of tea to remove toxins that have a provocative effect on isolated cancer cells.

Dr. Claude ferry says that tea can reduce blood pressure, regulate the metabolism of fatty foods, to provide a cleansing effect on the blood vessels and capillaries. Marked as fact improve the condition of the bone tissue. People who drink this drink, less likely to suffer fractures and diseases of the skeletal system.

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Green tea can improve your mood, and in General, to inspire in a positive way in the morning. This effect is an excellent prevention of depression and allows during the day it is better to concentrate on the tasks. A Cup of drink for an hour and a half before the working day activates the reserve forces of the body, which significantly increases efficiency.

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