Found a scientific explanation for rude boys

The results of the new studies, researchers from the University of Basel has published The Hindastan Times. Scientists have found elevated levels of coarseness for teenage boys with higher levels of gray matter in the anterior Insula part of the brain. To such conclusions experts came after analysis of the MRI data of 189 subjects with a normal level of development.

The function of the Insula lobe of the brain is to identify the emotions of the opponents and empathy. The identified features were named as the cause of 19% of the differences in the degree of roughness of boys. However, the girls of such a relationship is not revealed. Scientists suggest that the difference is due to the slow maturation of the studied region of the brain of boys compared to girls. Scientists intend to continue research work.

Previous experiments by the Cambridge specialists allowed us to determine differences in the degree of influence of depression on the brain heterosexual adolescents. Scientists have found a manifestation of depression 15-year-old girls in 2 times more often than boys. The condition involves very different brain structures of children. The most common causes disorders in young ladies named hormonal changes, problems with body image and genetic factors.

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