Found a remedy for fatigue

Nutritional supplements containing iron, able to cure people suffering not only anemia but also those who always feels the wanton fatigue.

Swiss researchers from the University of Lausanne (University of Lausanne in Switzerland) recently came to this conclusion that dietary supplements, including iron, can reduce fatigue in humans. It was also observed that iron supplements are useful for people with low (but not critical) the content of this element in the blood. Carried out the appropriate research in which 198 women aged 18 to 53 years were invited to take these supplements for 12 weeks. The experiment involved the women, who in this period was menstruating, and it is known to lower the amount of iron in the blood.

Each of the women before the start of the experiment experienced unexplained fatigue in the body. Until the end of the experiment, scientists were not sure of its results.

99 women took medication containing iron (80 mg), and the others were given another medicine under the guise of iron. The level of fatigue for each female was recorded before the test and after it.

During the study it was observed that the level of fatigue was reduced by 50% in those women who had taken within 12 weeks of supplementation with iron, and had no previous diagnosis of anaemia. "Therefore, the fatigue in the human body occurs because of a lack of enough iron in the blood," said one of the researchers, Dr. Bernard Favrat. A member of the British dietetic Association British Dietetic Association), Rick Miller notes that the level of fatigue may be reduced due to poor diet or a short sleep, and also because of excessive exercise.

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In any case, the iron in sufficient quantities in the human body prevents appearance of signs of fatigue. Hence the intake of these additives is justified, but only in small quantities, as well as the overabundance of iron in the blood leads to the damage of major organs.

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