Found a previously unknown useful properties of pomegranate

Nutritionists have discovered how useful regular consumption of pomegranate. As it turned out, pomegranate able to deliver for a long time from hunger, thereby saving the person from overeating and not allowing him to gain extra pounds.

Scientists from Queen Margaret University conducted a study, which was attended by 29 people. The duration of the experiment was 21 days. Study participants were divided into 2 groups, one of which was given a placebo and the other is an extract from the shell, pulp and seeds of the pomegranate, which was made in the form of dietary supplements. After this, volunteers were given a glass of pomegranate juice, and then a portion of pasta with tomato sauce. The participants of the second group felt more satiated by 16 percent, and after 2 hours they were less hungry by 12 percent. Moreover, it was eaten by 22 percent less pasta, they seemed more delicious than it was appreciated by the volunteers from the first group.

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According to scientists, all of these events due to the presence of pomegranate polyphenol, which reduces appetite. Previously it was thought that pomegranate juice leads to lower blood pressure. To date, scholars say its useful properties in the fight against overweight and obesity.

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