Found a new way to get rid of excess weight

Experts from Cornell University claim that making small changes in daily diet can help in getting rid of excess weight. This would not need to radically change the way of his life and menus.

Scientists conducted the study, which lasted for several months. In the study, volunteers were offered a variety of tests, which, scientists have been able to formulate some rules that will help to lose excess weight. The most effective recommendations you can consider the following:

- on the table should have only healthy foods;

- not recommended to take in food products, without removing them from the packaging;

- Breakfast should be sure to eat hot food, and the Breakfast should begin within one hour after morning awakening from sleep;

- food should be taken in small quantities once in 3-4 hours;

- during the meal on the table must be Cutlery, which will slow down the process of absorption of food.

As shown by these studies, the most good results reached those volunteers that comply with these rules within 25 days.

Scientists have also compiled a list of obstacles on the way to get rid of extra pounds. These are: absent-mindedness and forgetfulness, permanent employment, a change in the normal routine (holidays, weekends), changes in emotional terms, for example, separation from a loved one or a similar stressful situation.

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