Found a new way of therapy of HIV

Scientists from Stanford University have found T-cells, which in the laboratory were able to stem the tide of HIV infection, says CBS San Francisco. According to scientists, this discovery will begin a new era in gene therapy of AIDS.

Theoretically, any of the squares attacked HIV, you can force, resulting in the virus unable to infect and weaken the immune system.

Because scientists know about the active mutations of HIV and its ability to circumvent the protective barriers put up by the body, they have tried to install several obstacles.

According to the research of Dr. Matthew Parties, in the future, a mixture of antiretroviral drugs will recede into the background, and it will be replaced by treatment with a single injection.

Doctors will be able to collect human cells, modify them and then enter back again. That's what will be treatment. HIV will be blocked from all sides, and he just will not be able to live in the human body. And the rest will start to act biological mechanisms, which will cleanse the body from HIV.

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