Found a new tool from lung cancer

A drug long used to treat breast cancer, is able to fight with lung cancer, reports the BBC.

Cancer is a serious malignant disease that occurs on the background of the mutation of normal cells, which then begin pathologically quickly and chaotically to share, not able to take the form of any normal cells. Cancer tends to spread to other organs and tissues, causing the affected areas - metastases throughout the body.

The main cause of cancer - carcinogens that are contained in many products in different quantity. Do not forget about other causes: Smoking, alcohol, chemicals.

Lung cancer, especially non-small cell is the main cause of death of cancer patients. (80% of all cases). Panacea against this disease, except as chemotherapy, which helps the extent and kills, no.

Recently, scientists have discovered that PARP inhibitors, which are required for the treatment of breast cancer, and help with non-small cell lung cancer in half of the cases. This substance has a selective effect and contrast to chemotherapy does not kill healthy cells along with cancer.

At the moment we should not overestimate the role of PARP inhibitors in the treatment of lung cancer, the drug did not have time to go through the whole series of clinical trials, in order to speak with confidence about its absolute efficiency. However, hope scientists have. Sadly, when a patient with NSCLC nothing to help.

Cancer is a serious disease that requires first and foremost an early diagnosis, which do not forget to systematically checked by specialized doctors.

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