Found a new tool against sepsis

Sepsis is a disease in which bacterial infectious agent enters the bloodstream. Often sepsis is a complication of the underlying disease and is caused by many serious symptoms. Constant intoxication, impaired kidney and liver lead to pathology.

Scientists say that at the moment there is no single tool for the treatment of this disease. Usually helps only surgical intervention and therapy with antibiotics.

On the eve of the Western University scientists have proposed the use of protein for the treatment of sepsis, according to Eurek Alert. Annexin A5 is a recombinant human protein, which will keep the situation with the disease under control. Scientists expect, with the development of a drug based on this connection will help to raise the immune power of the body to fight infection.

Preparation on the basis of annexin A5 has already been tested in laboratory rats. He confirmed its effectiveness, showed good results survival in sepsis. In addition, he strengthened heart muscle and lifted the immunity of animals.

In fact, often fatal cases occur due to heart failure. The drug is able to support the functions of the cardiovascular system. Scientists say that annexin A5 impact similarly on the liver, kidneys and lungs, which are affected by sepsis in the transfer of infection from the blood stream.

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