Found a new method of treatment of hypoglycemia in newborns

Hypoglycemia is the pathology associated with reduced blood sugar levels. Scientists have developed a gel-like mass containing sugar. The gel is supposed to RUB the cheeks of children with hypoglycemia. BBC reports that this will help to protect the brain of small premature infants. Proven fact that hypoglycemia is suffering the most premature infants in the early stages of his life.

Scientists from New Zealand conducted a series of research and looked at the effect of the gel on the 242 children. Marked by simplicity and ease of use compared with droppers, because Vienna children are small, and easy to damage them with a needle. Official published data suggest that premature babies should be fed under strict control and to monitor the level of glucose in their blood. Avoid low level, which leads to the development of abnormalities of the brain.

Hypoglycemia is a decrease in the concentration of sugar in the blood to figures 2.2 mmol/l Hypoglycaemia is on the first places in the causes of neonatal mortality and early encephalopathy.

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