Found a new mechanism of burning fats

Genetics will help in the fight against diabetes, obesity and heart disease, scientists say. Disabling just a single gene in adipocytes (fat cells) to reduce their volume by burning extra fat molecules. The results of the work done, tells the newspaper The Times of India.

There are two types of fat: white and brown. The latter is present in relatively large amounts in newborns. Over time, the organism remains the only white fat with small deposits of brown fat. In recent studies, scientists have discovered beige fat, which has useful properties of brown fat. Beige fat, as it turned out, may respond to cold and other stimuli.

In the experiment scientists have created lab rats without the innate ability to produce folliculin. Within two weeks the animals were fed exclusively harmful foods with maximum calories. The experimental group gained weight not as fast as the control. Apparently, folliculin accelerates the recruitment process pounds.

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