Found a new cure for epilepsy: Cinema therapy

Last week for the patients of children's psychoneurological hospital No. 18 city of Moscow was organized by the cinema display. The young audience was asked to look at the animated film "Ratatouille", after which they held a "photo session". The children were dressed in costumes of the main characters of the cartoon. Doctors state that: "Mental activity of the child is an obstacle to the emergence of epileptic seizures as they occur only in the period when the child is in the passive and relaxed state".

To sick children while in hospital for treatment, was not bored, they created a "Unique children's film club". This creative project is intended to carry the noble mission is to introduce children to the world of art. Film library has a number of children's psychiatric hospital # 18 today consists of a large collection of DVDs. In the "collection" kinoteka includes the best movies for children of domestic and foreign production.

The film is divided into age categories and included in the list of colorful brochure that was developed in cooperation with experts of the international school of Moscow Art therapy or treatment with art.

"In our country we have a similar approach to the treatment of patients with epilepsy is still under development, but we have chosen the right path and moving in the right direction, says D. M. N. Professor Tatiana Barysheva Director of the scientific-practical center of children's Psychoneurology. Children with chronic diseases of the nervous system, the art really is invaluable: it destroys the "concrete wall" between healthy people and patients. Not only in hospitals, but also the house of cinema therapy for these children is simply necessary, it is an indisputable fact".

Epilepsy is one of the major diseases of Psychoneurology in Pediatrics. About 70 percent of patients with epilepsy about yourself lets you know even in childhood or in adolescence. Most children suffering from epilepsy at the same time, can live almost without seizures and visit kindergartens and schools of the usual type.

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