Found a new and effective vaccine against malaria

Completed the first stage of testing a new vaccine for malaria. The trial was conducted on 40 volunteers. It includes considerably weakened malaria parasites Plasmodium parasites, which are not able to multiply. Scientists believe in the effectiveness of the tool and ready in a short time to bring it to the masses.

The initiator of the funds was Robert sender, national Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases, USA. In the course of receiving the vaccine scientist was extracted malaria parasites from the bodies of mosquitoes using special techniques.

The first step in mosquitoes acted with radiation, but only the second - extracted parasites. Plasmodia were kept frozen until vaccination. Part of the subjects was administered 4 doses for four months, another five doses over six months. Strong immunity acquired 80% of the first group and 100% of the second.

Do not forget about the disadvantages of new drugs. One of them is the high cost. Another possibility only intravenous, because in countries where malaria popular thing is often a complete lack of sanitation and sufficient supply of disposable syringes can not say.

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Every year from malaria overtakes 300-500 million people, of which kills more than a million.

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