Found a natural compound that can kill cancer cells

According to the New Zealand Herald, vegetable broccoli contains a compound which is able to prevent the development of cancer in children. In the world it is known as sulforaphane, which works against solid inflammation. Scientists have argued that the cruciferous vegetables reduce the risk of developing some types of cancer. The Medical staff of Baylor College was able to establish that sulforaphane can cure acute lymphoblastic leukemia degree.

This type of cancer is quite common among children, according to Professor of pathology and immunology, Daniel Lacrosse. Cancer responds to treatment in 80 % of cases. For other suitable other therapy like sulforaphane. Scientists for a long time, worked to isolate the connection from vegetables. And after some time they managed to treat cancer cells, taken from the subjects.

In addition, doctors have experimented with healthy cells. As a result, the connection is killed cancer cells and does not harm healthy. A similar experiment was conducted with rodents, the results were the same. The connection will have a positive influence only on the proteins of cancer and does not harm healthy tissue.

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