Found a link between unhealthy food during pregnancy and addictions child

For anybody not a secret that the diet of pregnant women directly affects the health of the unborn child. Scientists have gone further and made some experiments on mice, has traced the relationship between the diet of the mother and the propensity of infants to drugs and alcohol.

Curator of experiments is Nicole Aven University of Florida, who believes that by defining the main cause of the problem, it will be possible not only to reduce the number of people with bad habits, but even to spend the prevention of obesity even in the early stages of life.

For the experiment were purchased a couple dozen of pregnant female mice. Scientists have divided them into three groups. First fed only harmful fatty foods, the second - sugar, a third - molasses-based fructose. In a separate cage was a control group that ate normal food. After the birth of offspring kids regularly weighed, did blood and urine tests, and after a while began to offer them alcohol and drugs.

As a result, the offspring whose mother drank a large amount of sweet and fatty foods, more prone to alcoholism and drug abuse than their healthy counterparts.

The researchers believe that their work will affect some women, and they will be able to take themselves in hand and completely change your diet.

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