Found a gene leadership

An international group of scientists has identified a specific sequence of DNA that is responsible for the quality leader in humans. A quarter of the variation in leadership qualities are hereditary, CBC News reports.

Scientists conducted a study of genetic samples almost 4,000 Americans, as well as data about their relationship and work. As it turned out, everywhere there was a link between genotype rs4950 and demonstration of leader behavior.

In order more thoroughly to trace this relationship, the researchers followed these people and at work. According to the scientist from University College London Jean-Emmanuel de Neve, a person can become a leader under favorable genetics and the influence of the external environment.

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Any person are unable to just be a leader. He must have it from birth. But, of course, leadership is a skill that can also be achieved. The scientist also going to see how this genotype interacts with factors that are extraneous from the point of view of the leader's behavior.

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