Found a gene is the cause of Kawasaki disease

Scientists from the Institute of Singapore say they have found a gene that increases the risk of infection Kawasaki disease. This rare disease is the inflammation of the blood vessels mainly in children.

Scientists have found that FCGR2A gene and is thus the gene is the culprit. They examined the genetic profiles 405 sick children and compared them with profiles 6252 healthy children from Europe, Australia and the USA. Re genetic markers were tested at 740 families with sick child, and in 1028 patients from Asia.

It turned out that FCGR2A gene that encodes a protein-receptor intravenous hemoglobin ( used to treat), is essentially a marker of predisposition to disease.

Discovery scientists sheds light on the mystery of the cause of Kawasaki disease, but consistent theory researchers do not yet have.

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