Found a full replacement of vegetables and fruits

A unique discovery was made Spanish scientists from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. They invented a way of freeze-dried products.

It is reported that the products, ground into powder, did not lose its beneficial properties. The resulting powder can be added to tea, water, milk, sprinkle them with products. There are appropriate category of people who don't like vegetables - this development for them, reports The Daily Mail.

Lead researcher Nuria Martinez is confident that the use of powder will help to fill the daily requirement of nutrients. The who recommends that you consume in your diet, not less than four hundred grams of fruit and vegetables daily. This number of products to reduce the risk of stroke, diabetes, obesity.

The first "subjects" were strawberry, grapefruit and kiwi. The selection of scientists fell on these fruits and berries not just - they contain a large amount of water. The ideal option will become this invention for those fruits and vegetables that have a pungent smell and taste. Many fruits and berries available only in a certain season, the powder will solve easily the problem. To eat strawberries, you will not only in summer but also in winter, only slightly modified. Also the shelf life of the powder is much higher than that of fresh vegetables and fruits.

100 grams fresh strawberries get 10-15 grams of powder. Adding 85 ml of water is tasty and flavorful juice that will be well to raise the tone in the morning.

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