Found a cure for progeria

Clinical trials of the first cure for progeria ended with success. The last course in the treatment of younger patients showed significant improvement of heart health, weight gain and bone structure.

Initially the drug was developed to fight cancer. As you know, incurable disease progeria syndrome, Hutchinson-Gilford - affects one child out of eight million. Sick child ages eight times faster than normal humans and turns into the old man had to 1-12 years of age, the average age of the life of a sick child is 13 years old. Test lonafarnib , new drug against this terrible disease , held at the Children's hospital. All the experiment involved 28 children from 16 countries, three quarters of living patients with progeria worldwide. During treatment she took lonafarnib twice a day for 2, 5 years , every four months, the doctors conducted an inspection of their condition. During the course of treatment in children was observed 50% increase in weight, they begin to gain muscle mass, and the level of skeletal rigidity has become the norm, despite the fact that all the patients he remains on the abnormal performance. The stiffness of the arteries decreased by 35 percent. The reason for the development of progeria opened scientist 6 years ago, it is guilty mcirowave LMNA gene, due to his patients is fixed too high level of the holding cell nuclei together protein that inhibits the activity of cells and lead to toxic effect.

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