Found a cure for erectile dysfunction

American scientists have found that vitamin B3 or Niacin contained in chicken, fish and cereals, can help men to overcome erectile dysfunction if they have high cholesterol.

Published by scientists the results show that 80 took part in the experiment men with severe or moderate erectile dysfunction was an improvement, and even the ability to maintain an erection after you put them on yacinovo diet. 80 placebo men no changes were found.

But do not think that chicken breast all at once will fix the situation with the male power to get 1500 mg of Niacin, you need to eat 200 breast a day. Participated in the experiment the men started with a dose of 500 mg of Niacin per day to make sure that it has no side effects, and then increased the dosage to 1000 mg, and then 1500 mg

Other means for dealing with male weakness had many disadvantages such as the risk for heart or the need to take it several hours before sexual intercourse. Niacin was much easier, it can be taken once a day and to have sex at any time.

Study author Dr. Chi-FAI from the Chinese University in Hong Kong will continue their research with the participation of men without high cholesterol.

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