Forums about losing weight lead to anorexia

Scientists Sabrina Terrizzi (Moravian College) and Jan van (Lafayette College) conducted a study and found that the main cause of anorexia among women driving them head on forums and communities knowingly false standards of appearance, which can lead to serious pathology.

The apparent imperfection of the body, the clubs of fans of diets, communities in social networks make to lose weight techniques that are harmful to health and can lead to hospitalization and specialized treatment.

As proof of his theory, scientists have conducted a study, which was attended by 59 thousand students. The study was conducted from 2008 to 2009. The study considered the presence or absence of excess weight, degree of obesity, how to lose weight as a standard, by calling vomiting, taking laxatives, means for weight loss.

Participants were divided into two groups. Some systematically visited the forums and the Internet community, visited, weight loss, others do not. Include all social settings: age, position, orientation, and much more.

In the end, it was found that the online community and forums about losing weight can influence behavior and weight of the subjects. On average, a girl came into the community and having overweight can lose up to 9% of mass that should be happy, if not for one factor, what means come to this.

Many of the participating communities were discovered anorexia and bulimia. About half of them cause vomiting immediately after eating, the third uses laxatives and tools for weight loss.

It should be noted that in social settings and position in society, such people are not a bit higher. The question then arises: is it worth risking for the sake invented in Internet values, which are only harmful to health?

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