Former cancer patients more often declare bankruptcy

It is known that cancer treatment is expensive. A recent study found that many people who have recovered from cancer, after some time, declared bankruptcy. As the scientists from the Seattle Center for cancer research them. Fred Hutchinson, people diagnosed with cancer two and a half times more likely to have declared bankruptcy than people who did not suffer from this disease.

According to study leader Dr. Scott Ramsey, they carried out scientific work cited evidence of the interconnectedness of cancer and increased risk of bankruptcy. Dr. Ramsey believes that these results raise important questions regarding the factors the link between cancer and further financial difficulties.

Scientists have studied people aged 21 years, living in Washington, which was first diagnosed with cancer in the period from 1995 to 2009. These data assistants were compared with data of people of the same age and sex, but not suffering from cancer.

It turned out that often declare bankruptcy, young women and people who do not belong to the white race, survivor of cancer.

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