Forget what came in the room? Blame the door!

Forgot why you suddenly came into the room? Blame doors, according to psychologists at the University of Notre Dame.

They say they have found a so-called "important moments" that make you feel caught off guard and not be able to trace your steps, which is associated with the ways of perception of information by the brain when the body leaves one room and enters another. The impression that when a man is at the door, his brain registers as they called it experts," boundary events", signaling the end of one episode to the memory and the beginning of another fragment. In their research, the scientists discovered that the brain has a tendency to delete events and memories associated with one room, when switching to another.

Research published in "the Quarterly journal of experimental psychology, showed doorways act as a kind of trigger for the brain, indicating the transition from one Chapter to the next episode. The researchers based their conclusions on the analysis of an experiment in which volunteers had to overcome the way through 55 "virtual" rooms of different sizes. The aim of the experiment was to transfer items from one room to another, after which the items disappeared. They are periodically asked what they are and what is already laid.

The results showed that memory performance significantly shorter when the subjects went through the doorway, not when they have covered the same distance, but remained in the same room.

To confirm the results in real life, the team created a similar complex of rooms and tables . And again, the researchers found that the participants most likely forget what they are remembered for the doorway.

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