Foreign languages help children quickly find a common language with their peers

It is sufficient to study one foreign language in childhood, to raise the communicative skill of the child and his status in school, family or kindergarten. Multilingual environment, say scientists, well-developed communication skills in children. This writes The Times of India.

Just the research of experts from the University of Chicago took part 72 children 4-6 years old. Children were invited to take the test of communication skills. The results were as follows: children from multilingual families, knowing two languages or more, a better understanding of adults.

Scientists from the University of Concordia in another study has found out that children who know two languages, see the world from a different angle. They rely more on their strength than to help adults feel the need to learn new things. Experts believe in the necessity of early learning of a second language, this will help the child to adapt better in social groups.

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